It was clear from an early age that I was going to be involved with something artistic.  I was always drawing, painting and sculpting. I also played music, with a special devotion to the guitar.  I went on to study ceramics and architecture at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and worked for a local ceramicist.  The job helped me to understand the world of studio pottery and its production.   I have applied much of what I learned to my own practices in the studio.

After school I changed course, playing guitar for a Chicago indie band but, eventually, moved back to New York where I got involved in another side of the music industry.  I did live sound in the East Village, audio engineering at a recording studio, and management of a renowned New York guitarist.

Creating ceramics was never far from my thoughts, though, and I longed to get my hands back into clay.  When I got engaged, my fiancé Lyn (now wife!) suggested that I get back to the potter’s wheel to make something special for our wedding guests. In the months preceding the wedding, I designed, threw, trimmed and glazed nearly 200 wedding-cake plates and bud vases.

The experience re-ignited  my passion to create; I felt overpowered by the desire to return to the potter’s wheel and the process of refining and improving form.  In an age of industrial manufacturing, my handmade pottery seemed to strike a chord with people. The orders began to come in and New York Stoneware was born. 

I now work in my South Bronx studio designing, throwing, trimming, glazing and firing each piece by hand.  My work is currently sold in 21 stores nationwide, including New York and Los Angeles.