We are looking for a Studio Assistant.  Please see below for details.

JOB DESCRIPTION: We produce wheel thrown, stoneware, tableware. Everything is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel.  We are looking for someone to take the wheel-thrown pieces through the next phases of production through final shipment. They will be responsible for managing drying and storage of “in-progress” work as well as loading / unloading kilns, and glazing the work.

Other tasks include clay preparation for wheel throwing, wedging, glaze mixing, basic maintenance, organization and upkeep of the studio and equipment.  Anyone applying should be able to comfortable carry 50-60lbs loads and have good physical coordination.

EXPERIENCE NEEDED:Applicants should have approximately 2 years of experience working with clay.

POSITION: Ceramics Studio Assistant / Glazing technician

LOCATION: Port Morris, South Bronx

SALARY: Annual Salary based on experience starting at 45K a year.

SCHEDULE: Full-time Mondays - Fridays 10am-6pm.  15 minute breaks every 2 hours and a 45 minute lunch break.


  • Wedging

  • Proficient in basic hand-building

  • Able to control clay drying through; wet leather, hard and bone dry stages

  • Comfortable with glaze dipping and other techniques

  • Glaze mixing

  • Basic organization and cleaning

  • Basic computer skills




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